Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kim Komando

My mom worships Kim Komando. Kim Komando is a radio personality who is known across the airwaves and in cyberspace as the “Digital Goddess”. She is a computer guru equivalent to a Master Mason. My mom is one of her loyal subjects, so loyal that it boarders on “Jim Jones” like fanaticism. It is for good reason, I know, I’m quickly becoming a Kool-Aid sipper myself. My apologies if you are sensitive to the Jone’s Town references. Honestly, though, where would Kool-Aid be today if wasn’t for all that free press.

Mom recently sent me two of her books on CDs. They are both filled with tons of tricks and tips. Here is a good example: Did you ever wonder what all those programs were that automatically started along with Windows? MSConfig will list them but how do you know which ones are needed and which ones were installed by spyware? Kim says to go here to learn more about what each executable does.

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