Friday, December 09, 2005

Anytime now.............

This was an ultra-sound taken a few weeks ago.

Today's Random Thought

I feel that it would be a nice, holiday gesture if prison administrators strung Christmas lights around their barbwire.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Today's Random Thought

Why haven't the Japenese recognized the superiorty of our forks to their chopsticks? You would think that one of them one some hundreds of years ago would've said, "SNAP! Man, these things can really shovel some food!"

Today's Random Thought

Is there such a thing as a "lap cat"? You see lap dogs everywhere. People will take dogs with them on all sorts of errands, but you never see someone driving around with a cat hanging out the passenger side window.

Today's Random Thought

Why do walkers have hand-brakes? I saw a little old lady in Kroger with one that had two handbrakes on each handle. It's the same kind of brakes that comes standard on any bicycle. She was inching along at 6 inches per step. That's when I began to think that at this speed why not just let gravity take it's due course if a "sudden" stop is needed. The lady was already on that ragged edge between motion and stagnation.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Today's Invention

Anti-Bacterial Cologne

This is an additive that cologne manufactures can add to their products to provide their customers with an anti-bacterial shield.

Today's Idea

Pimp my rascal

A show for the aging MTV crowd. It is a spin off of the popular Pimp my Ride show that is now on.