Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I hear the knife guy is bringing a gun to this year's gun fight

I wonder if who ever said, “Don’t ever bring a knife to gun fight” was speaking from experience. It was a bad experience, I’m guessing, if he was. That would mean the other guy had the gun. I can see the first as an old man sitting down with his grandson on the farm somewhere passing that bit of wisdom on to the next generation and the grandson asking, “Hey, Granddaddy, can I see your bullet hole again”? I can see the gun guy in the same way, but sitting on his bunk in a cell block somewhere telling his cell mate the same story for the thousandth time. I don’t think my advice would be as pithy. “Son, don’t bring two girly fists and a glass jaw to a fight”, or “don’t run off screaming like a little girl”. It is still good advice but I don’t foresee any of my words becoming a legacy for me. “Don’t ever bring a knife to gun fight” is a “tough guy” saying now, only because the other guy didn’t bring a gun. What would bullies of today have to say if both had thought to pack their side arms for the fight?

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