Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Can I be excused?

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I realized recently that I don'€™t have the patience nor the mental rigor to deal with all the information that I come across. I have developed an ability to skim over information and pick out what is useful. I'€™ve taken a couple of speed reading courses that have helped out to a degree. These courses, by the way, should have been prefaced with a speed thinking course if such one existed because for me this is the rub. Reading fast is great if you can soak it all in, otherwise, you are just spinning your wheels. Even with this skill my head has become impacted with information. My mind has reached a bottle neck with all the information that continually needs to be added. I have these great ideas that are lost because they hit me in the shower or when I'€™m in my car at a stop light. Enter the Voice Recorder!!

I've been using this Voice Recorder for about a month now. It can hold up to 8 hours of audio and it comes with 4 digital audio file folders to better organize your memos. It beats the post-it note method I was using. My work space is virtually wallpapered with them. It is sort of like getting a second hard drive for your brain. Try it out!

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