Friday, April 29, 2005

I wet my pants when.................

Those who know me would say that I have an unrealistic fear of sharks. They say that because I live in East Tennessee and don’t go near salt water. Not wanting to die is not an unrealistic fear and not wanting to be eaten isn’t either. Follow me on my logic here. Would we not kill a Great White shark that waddled up on a beach just because it was curious? Sure we would! It is in our nature to do so. Of course we wouldn’t if it was a seal or a whale, something cute, but a shark we’d stomp a mud hole in. Kill the killer, right. Can you foresee a bunch of eco-nuts banding together to gently steer the shark back out into the ocean where everyone is swimming. No. Similarly, we shouldn’t expect anything different from the shark if we showed up in its environment. Realistically, in comparison, man is the more dangerous, but let’s not split hairs here. If I look like shark food in shark infested waters, well then you really can’t blame a shark for taking a bite out of me.

My fears were only slightly diminished after reading of a new device from SeaChange that repels sharks with a strong electrical field. It’s called the Shark Shield. I still won’t ever voluntarily go diving wearing one of these, but it will make it easier for me to get on a boat knowing that life vests will someday be equipped with theses.

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