Sunday, April 03, 2005

As clouds part

It’s hard to tell exactly, sometimes, what the sky has in store for the day. I was driving one day under an overcast sky. After awhile I found myself underneath a large open patch in the sky. The sun was shining through in rays. The clouds in the area around me where getting darker, yet, there was this oasis of sunlight. I immediately thought that the storm was headed my way and that this little patch was just the Alamo of a sunny day. It was a nice bright day’s last stand.
This phenomenon is not out of the ordinary, but what if my thinking is? Why did I think that the storm was heading my way? If posing the question seems silly to you, then please read my post entiled, “Q-tip for the Brain”. It’s not easy questioning everything like a three year old, but I’m still in the middle of an experiment. Besides, this is a question that is worth exploring.
So the question is,” Why do I think the negative first”? That’s really what I was wondering when I assumed the storm was heading my way. I could have been on the tail end of it or just ahead of. I guess when I’m presented two possible outcomes, one good the other bad, I’m going to assume the bad. That’s what little old ladies do. Why am I doing it? People tend to get what they expect.
It did rain on me. I didn’t even care. I could’ve been the eye of the storm. I could be the eye of every storm. I don’t care. I got wet. I got what I expected and I hate that. I’m a prophet of the unfortunate.

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