Saturday, May 21, 2005

Typhoid Mary?

I wanted a salad for lunch so I went to Kroger because they have a good salad bar but I was stopped at the door by a guy in a wheel chair selling baked goods and I couldn't tell I didn't want his baked goods because he didn't have a licence to sell baked goods and how clean were his hands when he made them or if he made them at all because someone else could have done the cooking and how well does doe he really know the cook and what if the wheel chair is a hoax and he's actually spreading something like a modern day Typhoid Mary so I ignored him which is sad I know but I didn't want to tell him what I really thought because it might hurt his feelings so I shuffled on by him and then I stopped dead in my tracks because I thought the same could be said about the salad bar because I don't know how long the salad dressing has been out what if it was left out for a couple of hours before they iced it down so I got a Lunchable instead and I was building the story I'd tell the wheelchair guy but he wasn't in his wheelchair it was just sitting there, there I knew it! I just wanted a salad.

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Chris Etling said...

WHAT?!?!?!?! You went out and someone stole the handicapped guy? Did you call the cops?

You know seriously... our compassion for homless and handicapped people has been stolen away from us. When there are guys (and gals) out there that say that they are homeless.. and you see them a mile away crawling into thier cadalac.... that just ruins our compassion for people who need it. Know what I mean?