Friday, May 20, 2005

Today's Invention

Pump Pants

I invented Pump Pants to provide extra protection for the high impact life style. Pump pants are made out of lycra and spandex and include air bladders which are sewn into all the contact points like knees and hips. The pants come with a hand pump which enables the user to increase or decrease the amount of air in each bladder depending on preference or activity. This innovation can also be added to a shirt or body suit design.

Sports that would be affect include football, baseball, rock climbing, surfing, and ect,. Pump pants have the added benefit of doubling as a flotation device for those water sports enthusiast.

There are also many different occupations that could benefit as well, like law enforcement, construction, mining and ect,.

1 comment:

Chris Etling said...

mom... I popped my pump pants... What? I popped my pump pants mom... Go to your room...