Tuesday, May 24, 2005

New tunes for tired ears

I don't usually find new music that I dig for more than a week. I find all my stuff on line for the most part. Radio is dead! Although, I am seriously considering Satellite Radio as an option. It seems like everytime I turn on the radio it's playing the same songs it played twenty minutes ago. Or, it's playing Bush, StoneTemplePiolts, or Metallica. That was cool in 95, but it's a little played now. Sorry, Metallica fans.

I spend my lunch hour in Barnes and Noble's music department listening to cds to satiate my lust for music. I stumbled across Soul Coughing's ex-frontman, Mike Doughty's solo project, "Haughty Melodic".

I'm not attempting to imply that you might like him. My job is to bait the hook. Everyone is different, but at least give him a listen. You can sample his stuff here. His Beatnik lyrical style is unique and his voice is very engaging.

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Mike said...

speaking of of new things. hope on over to www.mythmker.blogspot.com and check out the new dukes of hazzard trailer.