Monday, May 16, 2005

Today's Invention

New saying.....

"That's Trump!"
-Used when referring to something extravagant. Named for Donald Trump. Definition includes all variations of this phrase.

This "Trump" template can be used a varity of ways. All you would have to do is insert a name depending on the meaning that you are seeking. Here's an example:

"That's Chappelle!"
-Used when referring to something or someone who is crazy or mentally disturbed. Definition includes all variations of this phrase.

Ex. "I had a friend in highschool that dropped so much acid that he went Chappelle one day and buried himself up to his chin because he thought he was a Daisy.

The "Trump" template isn't limited to Celebrities. For example:


-Used when referring to an expression that is flattened or Pug like.

Ex. "She looked better before the nose job. Now she is all Pugged out."

Your turn now. Post a comment with your own inventions and examples.


Sarah said...

'Hairdoc' - invented by my friend and adopted by many in Lincoln. someone who has a really dodgy hairstyle. can also be used for 'speckdoc' 'teethdoc' pretty much anything that shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day.

I really want a pug!

Mike said...

pretty cool E. you almost have enough to start an E dictionary type page. now that would be trump!