Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A sad tune

I can't explain it, but I am affected more by sad songs than any other. It's not entirely the words , I don't think. I believe it is the tone or maybe the image that is envoked in my mind that affects me so deeply. I play guitar as much as I can and I write songs as much as I can, but in this time I haven't penned but a small fist full of songs that didn't have a dolefulness about them.

My guitar is tuned Celtic style, which can I explain? Imagine yourself looking over a pond or lake on an cloudy day. The wind is blowing and there isn't a soul around. That's how my guitar makes me feel and that is exactly how a sad song makes me feel as well. They provide a visual. I don't get a picture in my mind's eye when I here other songs. Now, I like a good kick-in-the-gut-jam to coax be into my mourning routine or to fire me up while I'm jogging. But my Being is in synch with the melancholy side of life. Maybe someone has a better explantion but I think it's because sadness it the only true lasting emotion and I'm intune with it. For example can you think of a time when you were happy all week. Now think of the times you've been sad all week. Which lasted the week, sadness or happiness?


Mike said...

i might have to post more on this later but for now let me say.... i don't think it is all together true. we just don't let go of sadness as fast as we forget about the happiness.

Ruth said...

I feel the same way. Then I named my cat after a sad song by Tori Amos called 'China' about seperation and she died. I should have known it didn't bode well! I'm kidding. Sad songs are great coz they often bring up all sorts of strong emotion. It doesn't mean we prefer feeling sad, just that we prefer feeling.