Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Today's Scene

Today scene requires a brief explanation. There is a breed of goat that faints when startled.

God has such a sense of humor, I love Him. There is even an organization dedicated to their care, The International Fainting Goat Association. Check out their logo.......

You will understand the significance of the logo after watching this short video.

Enough, now, with the background. Today's scene is set at the dawn of time. God has set Adam down to name the beasts of the earth. One by one the animals line up to receive their special name. Afterwards, they huddle together to share their names with each other. The Skunk, Porcupine, and Fainting Goat have gathered under The Tree of Life to discuss their new names.

Porcupine: Black furry thing, what is your name?

Skunk: I'm called Skunk and I have this really cool natural defense mechanism that helps me defend myself against my enemies. I just bend over and spray them with this horrible smelling liquid. What's your name?

Porcupine: I'm called Porcupine and my defense mechanism are these sharp quills that stab predators when they get close. What's your name hoofed thing with horns?

Fainting Goat: My name is Fainting Goat and my natural defense is to pass out in front of predators.

Skunk: That's all you got! Big furry thing with teeth is chasing you and you just pass out? You are so extinct!

That's today's scene.


Chris Etling said...

ooo to be a fainting goat. You save so much energy. You pass out and look like you died!!! Wonder if they are related to the opossum?

Mike said...

i have heard of these. they are big down south where they have fainting goat fights. i think they are dieing out from lack of excitement but i would love to see a good fainting goat fight before i die.

Eric said...

Thailand's 3 toed sloth kickboxing is much more exciting.

Robert said...

can you email me the movie of the goat? my email is bubbajohn@comcast.net...thnx

random-girl said...

that is so funny. i love the conversation part!

Mike said...

more on the fanting goats. check out http://www.killsometime.com/Video/video.asp?video=Fainting-Goats