Thursday, June 09, 2005

Today's Invention

The Tin Ear and Audio Braille

The Tin Ear is one of my conceptual inventions designed for the deaf. It is constructed in the same housing as hearing aides. At the heart of its construction is what I will call Audio Braille. Audio Braille is a powerful piece of software that recognizes millions of different sounds and then interprets and translates them into vibrations or blinking lights that a deaf person could, with training, understand. The Tin Ear comes factory loaded with Audio Braille and is fully upgradable to accommodate newer software versions. A deaf person would learn to understand the blinking lights or vibrations much like a blind person would learn to read Braille. For example a certain series of vibrations from the device with a specific magnitude could be recognized as a car horn. So, Tin Ear's microphone picks up the sound of a car horn and Audio Braille translates it into the vibrations which can be felt and understood by the wearer.

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