Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Today's Invention

The Digital Life

The DL idea that I created would be a media storage device like an IPod or something similar that can store pictures, video, text files and audio. The idea is similar to the Time Capsule phenomenon that haunts us at High School reunions. All the seniors who are graduating put a little reminder of their high school days into a box that isn't opened until their 10 year class reunion. The DL is based on this principle but the media that is recorded is a collection of memories of a person's life; childhood photos, recordings of them singing their kid to sleep, video of a graduation, a picture shaking the hand of the company boss, or poem that was written, that all can be laid to rest with a person when they die. It would be like a digital tombstone.

The Digital Life has other purposes that aren't so morose. They can be incorporated into the construction of buildings with the life history of the structure's name sake. The J. Edger Hoover FBI Building might, for example, could have a DL unit installed in the foyer of the building and another one somewhere else more permanent. These units would be historical, educational, and act as a digital ID for the building. My idea can be thought of as a Black Box for life.

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