Sunday, June 12, 2005

Satellite killed the radio star!

Commercial radio, for me, died on June 10th, 2005 when I bought a MyFi XM radio. I will never go back. I have been continually disappointed with commercial radio for years. I have found radio's savior to fly high in the sky. Satellite.


Mike said...

the radio station killed radio. they killed radio when that sold out.
you use to be able to hear all kinds of good stuff on the radio but now it is so commercial driven that it is sad. when they do play music it is the same thing over and over again because the programming guy doesn't want to rock the boat with a new song that might hurt there commercial sales.

Eric said...

The same machine killed Mtv. Screw all things commercial!

Mike said...

what about a channel that is dedicated to commercials like the one i for which i work? this channel would be killed by content.
this is getting to deep for me.