Monday, June 06, 2005

Down with the System

"Why don't presidents fight the war?
Why do they always send the poor?"
-System of a Down, B.Y.O.B.: Mezmerize 2005.

This lyric comes from yet another band jumping on the anti-government bandwagon to sell albums. I don't know for sure if it sparks from ignorance or greed, probably a little of both. I understand ignorance. It would be irresponsible, but forgivable. The System of a Down, whose lyric is quoted above, will see the light when they realize that the world their lyrics influence is the one their kids are going to have to live in.

Greed is a different story. Greed causes logic to be thrown out the window. We should all know a little about something before we criticize it and we definitely need to keep our law makers in check. You would think we, as citizens, would take this roll more seriously and not just blindly throw out condemnation. However, records like this sell. Green Day knows and so does System of a Down. It is obvious to me that System of a Down is ignoring their intellectual fan base by playing to their lowest common denominator. I would say, "Why do the poor always take the bait? Why do they always believe a fake?"

Is it true that the U.S. sends their poor to fight wars? Let's examine. Our military is a voluntary one. A soldier, rich or poor, has no one to blame but themselves. The System obviously don't care. If a soldier is fighting it's because he chose to. Let's educate the Down folks further.

Why would someone volunteer? The Montgomery G.I. pays soldiers' college tuition for joining. So if you can't afford college, you're poor perhaps, then the Military provides a way to get a paycheck and go to school all on the governments dime. So, logic, which has already been thrown out the window, would account for the higher percentage of lower income people in the military. This brings up another interesting problem that our Military is facing, soldiers who are either refusing to do their duty or complaining about it and bringing the Military into litigation. It has come down to soldiers who are lazy and want a free ride. They want to do their time in service and then get out and let Uncle Sam pay them. Another one of my lyrics would be, "Why do the lazy volunteer? Are they too good now for welfare?"

It's a pity that the System of the Down has taken their unique sound and used it to distort the truth and breed an anti-government mentality for the next generation. It's a pity that some bright minds don't think for themselves. I still hold hope for a punk or metal band that will entice with some intelligence.


Mike said...

well written.

Mike said...

John 14:16-19
16And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Counselor to be with you forever— 17the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be[a] in you. 18I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you. 19Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live.

Eric said...

Wow, yes. This explains our enlightenment and my frustration.

Anonymous said...

What do they know? I mean, they only have family living in Iraq, right?

If you are a System of a Down fan (don't know if you are), you would know not to take all of their lyrics at face value. The real meaning of the question "Why don't presidents fight the war, why do they always send the poor?" as said by SOAD themselves is a question of why a president is so quick to send others off to war, but wouldn't dare fight the war themselves or send their children. And most of the soldiers fighting the war are poor in comparison to the president.

Anyways, I'm sure my comment won't change your opinion (and you're certainly entitled to it). I must commend you on your entry though, as it was well-written and logical, unlike some of the complaints I've seen from those just jumping on the anti-SOAD/"mainstream" bandwagon.

[Ego Brain]

es said...

I completely agree with you, Eric. I enjoyed System's previous albums, but this one is just completely rubbish. I say they're in it for the $$$.

Anonymous said...

System of a Down jumping on the anti-government bandwagon? Dude, where have you been? Oh, this must be the first SOAD songs you've heard. How about "War?" which they were playing in clubs in 1997 and was on their debut CD a year later? They've been questioning U.S. policies (whether Democrat or Republican) since the band was first formed.

And jumping on the bandwagon to sell CDs? Huh? I think they'd sell a lot more CDs if they were singing mainstream love songs and their lead singer wasn't screaming through every song. This "anti-government" move is not one to sell more records. Their last CD had at least two anti-government songs on it and it was their worst selling album yet.

Daron Malakian has been very clear that the band is not here to change people's minds. Their songs are to make people ask questions. To think. They don't give a damn if people agree with their politics or not.

You are not in their shoes. Bombs are dropping just a few miles from the home of one band member's relatives. And we have a president who went to war on false pretenses, which he later admitted to ("the intelligence was wrong...").

I think the members of System of a Down have a right to be a little concerned about what's happening. They also have the right to voice their opinion. You have the right not to buy their CD and turn the radio off when they are played.

You need to stop quoting irrelevant Bible verses for a few minutes and read Serj Tankian's essay "Understanding Oil." Maybe then you'll see the other side of the argument a little better.

As for recruiting, just take a look at the funny segment in Fahrenheit 9/11 where army recruiters target the "poor" mall. Hilarious. I think that says it all.

We can all agree that the U.S. doesn't "send" anyone -- people volunteer. Don't take the lyrics so literally. But ultimately, those that volunteer are sent somewhere. We always send "the poor" because they are the majority of the people signing up to serve.

I doubt anyone would disagree that the majority of new recruits in the armed forces are not millionaires, or the sons and daughters of millionaires, or people on the fast track in the corporate world.

They are minorities promised a free education and a way out of poverty.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You really don't know System of a Down that well do you? They aren't in it for the money. Yes and if I had family in Iraq I'd be a little concerned too. Again don't take the lyrics at face value, go for the deeper and truer meanings. System isn't speading false things, or encouraging people not to think for themselves... they are doing the opposite, they are asking people questions, asking them to take a hard look at the world and think for themselves!!!! I also turn your attention to a song on Steal this Album! one called F** the System, not anti-government at or, or Boom!, or A.D.D. (AMerican Dream Denial), no theyre just perfectly in line with your pro-government standards.
TAke a hard look at their lyrics again sometime, and then think about it again, THINK!! Dammit people, System isnt spreading lies, get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

IM WITH HIM!!!! System has nothin do with gettin on the bandwagon... what kinda shit is that?!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

*shakes head*, i don't know that I will go to the extreme of using multiple f words in my post, but I do agree to some extent, when you say a soldier has no one to blame but himself, what do you mean, yes he volunteered, but did he volunteer to get sent into a flawed war campaign, sent home, then sent BACK?!?!?! I doubt it. Really think about it, jeez. Yes i read the bible to, and System is christian too, quoting the bible doesnt help any.

zerogravityfat said...

actually i'm pretty sure that war? is about turkey, not united states. system of a down is entitled to their point of view, and they certainly abuse their mainstream position force gullible american public who take anything they hear as fact to believe in alot of things. there was no genocide people, it was a world war.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because, you know...Armenia had this huge army and could easily crush the Turks.

I was made aware of the Armenian Genocide through System of a Down's music, but I made sure I did some research before I decided whether or not I shared the same views as the band on this subject.

It was a genocide.

Anonymous said...

You've got to be kidding me, yes the Armenians have this giant army and went to war with Turkey, big ass Armenia!!! wahoo! the starters of a world war! go here open your eyes as ive said before look around you,

Anonymous said...

Ya... i have to go with the other guy...

Anonymous said...

you all know in my last post where i mentioned big ass armenia, you all know i was being sarcastic and do really believe in the genocide.