Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Today's Random Thought

The First Blogger

I realized last night that Doogie Houser was the first blogger. Do you remember how he would end every show by summing up his day on his computer journal? Stinkn' child prodigy; a doctor and web pioneer.


Mike said...

If you want to see a side of Doogie you have never seen before you need to watch this movie.

Chris Etling said...

Doogie Houser was an awesome show.. I sure miss that.. and the catchy theme song even do do do do do do... do do do do do do... etc. you get the point..
man there are alot of do's in that one. sorry.

Eric said...

No it actually went do do do do do da do.....da do do do do do do.

Mike said...

get a life