Sunday, October 23, 2005

Today's Invention

Teflon Needles

Do you know what I hate about getting shots? They stinkn' hurt! What did you think I was going to say, huh? One reason they are so pain full is due, in part, to the friction between your skin and the needle. Think about what happens when you fall and skin your knee. The friction causes skin to be scraped off because the asphalt is trying to hold on to your knee even as your knee is trying to slide. Much like the asphalt, your skin is trying to hold onto the needle even as the needle is trying to slide though it. Now I've over simplified the mechanics of it all and totally discounted the fact that we have thousands of nerve ending in our skin that get pretty pissed when they are poked, but you get the basic idea. Those injections that you get will be a lot less painful if science could somehow eliminate or reduce this friction.

That's not going to happen anytime soon because it is a basic law of physics, but with the help of Teflon great leaps could be made to making those injections for your gonorrhea spells a lot less painful. All we would need to do is coat surgical needles with Teflon, the slickist substance known.


Hero's Cousin said...

that would be awesome...painless needles! i just had a flu shot and it still hurts. i think an even better idea would be to alter medications into gasses, so you could just put a mask on for a few minutes and there'd be no needles necessary.

Mike said...

you suck

Chris Etling said...

harsh man harsh

mark said...

I've read somewhere that they are researching "needle-less" shots. Somthing that looks like it was invented by Ron Popeil peppers your skin with whatever injection you're due for. I think it's being tested with diabetics.