Saturday, August 06, 2005

Paraplegic Humor

I finally got an answer to the age-old question, "Why don't Paraplegics do their own stunts?" Last night I was watching TV and stumbled across a Johnny Knoxville like stunt called "Paraplegic Jousting" on MTV. The two crippled guys in wheel chairs were each given high voltage cattle prods and were wheeled around to face each other. They were then pushed towards each other Elizabethan style in an attempt to shock joust the other guy off his wheel chair steed. This first guy got hit and immediately crumbled to the ground. Loosing his mobility left him open to gratuitous attacks from his still upright opponent. Feeling empowered and board with the torment of his helpless foe, he soon took to shocking the hosts of the show, who fortunately could run from their attacker. This turn of events was quite funny. It was as if the guy in the chair was speaking for the handicapped as a whole by venting his frustration on those that could walk. He was able to take out two of the stunt's hosts. Meanwhile, the downed cripple is waiving his shock prod around bravely like he was the last one standing at the Alamo. Standing? No, sitting, anyhow. It reminded me of a scene I saw on the The Animal Planet channel where a clan of hyenas were encircling a wounded Wildebeest who was hopelessly defending off attacks from all sides. It will only be a matter of time before they ban this form of entertainment like they banned midget tossing. What will the media moguls think of next?

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