Thursday, August 18, 2005

My Goals

I'm reading Steven Covey's The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and I'm even more convinced of the importance of goals. I've included mine here below with a brief note on how I plan to achieve each goal. This is a working document for me which look at and add to periodically. I suck at this in my opinion but I am accomplishing more with goals in mind than without them.
January 2005
Last revised August 2005
Goals 2005

Love more
See others how God sees them

Pray more
For the lost
Self betterment

Be a better husband
Call from work
Leave notes
See things from her point of view

Memorize and establish a repertoire
Memorize one cover a month
Memorize one original a month
Memorize a verse a day.

Evangelize more
Hand out tracts.

Read more. Bible, self-help, bio, ect
Read bible during lunch break
Read chapter out of self help book a day
Read chapter out of a book for leisure

Write more
Write a song a week.

Play a stronger lead
Amp up at church
Practice along with CDs

Develop my ear
Learn intervals
Develop Tonal Memory

Enter writing contests
One a month


Mike said...

once a man has been a victim of having his comments deleted he normally doesn't come back. i now see what type of blog this is.

Chris Etling said...

wow man what ever did you do to get a comment deleted?

Mike said...

i think on this blog he deletes every 5th comment just to thin the heard.

Mike said...

free speach free speach free speach