Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Our advancement will mark our end.

We are currently entering into a world wide data storage shortage. We are running out of memory. There is only so much data storage that this world can hold and we are speeding towards that limit. Scientists predict that we will reach maximum data capacity about the same time that Social Security runs out, strange coincidence, but unrelated. Some experts maintain that we will run out of storable knowledge well before we run on of memory. Experts theorize that we have learned all that there is to learn and we know almost all there is to know. Humankind will have reached its Everest once we learn to create life. The mapping of the human genenome has brought us to within a half century of that ultimate goal. Government officials will meet this week to discuss the useful of human existence once we run out of memory. Law makers from around the world will meet in Paris for the worlds’ first caucus on Human Value. Humankind will have no value once all life experience and knowledge is tagged and filed away in digital storage and we can reproduce life in the labs. It is vital, then that we get all the valuable knowledge stored before we run out of memory. To do this, lawmakers will decide which lives aren’t of value and which are. The result will be compiled in a Human Worth list. It is assumed that the sick and elderly will be put at the top of this list followed by the homeless. The worthless data in these categories consume data in the form of hospital records, court documents, and social work backlogs. Getting rid of this burden will greatly prolog the time remaining before we ultimately run out of memory. Those in these categories will be herded together in communal camps and humanly starved to death. The Caucus will set up guidelines for this mass deletion of redundant data. Life on this planet will continue to store data of all kinds in memory. This mass deletion will only delay the inevitable. We are still on the slippery slope. Our advancement will ultimately make us obsolete. The Human Worth list will continue listing each additional level of human worth. The last tier to be deleted will be scientist, politicians, those in the media, celebrities, and doctors. The value of worth will be weighed primary on ones’ the financial worth.

There is always a tinge of truth in every fable. You’ll find it just below the fantastic.

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