Saturday, March 26, 2005

KARMA: The other white meat.

I had to call Dell's tech support a couple nights ago. My computer is always on the very cusp of self destruction due to spyware, viruses, and my propensity for deleting files at random. I waited in the call que for 45 minutes for my first misroute. You just have to plan to be routed into the wrong que at least twice,just plan on it. Don’t start getting frustrated until you’ve been transferred three times or more. I did finally get connected to a technical representative; he was Pakistani. My general rule is that in this situation one could justify being angry, furious even. You wouldn’t understand until it actually happens to you but technical problems are hard enough to resolve without out having to wade through a Quickie Mart accent. His name was Adeel Baasim which loosely translates to Steve. Steve berated me throughout our discussion for not understanding his directions. “Why did you type the back slash? I said forward slash. Huh? I’m asking you why, sir, did you type in the back slash when I so clearly said forward slash? Why? Why? I do not understand. I will say it one more time for you”, he said. Now, I did my best to bolster my patience with love and understanding. I had to by necessity; he was my computer’s only hope. I do hope that in some way I was able to put a damper on Steve’s day because he really put the cherry on top of mine. It would only be fair if he could walk away from our brief meeting with a dull throb in his temple. Yes, I would hope that or that he be reincarnated in another life as the control+alt+delete buttons on someone’s Dell.

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