Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Today's Scene

Today's scene has our hero dancing madly at the recent LIVE 8 concert and thinking back to the Free Tibet concerts she attended in the late nineties. She till proudly wears the Free Tibet T-shirt, the backpack, the headband, beer coozy, and the sticker on her SUV. She misses the common sense exit along her journey down memory lane and ends up spending $150 in the vendor tents. But it's all for a good cause, just like this LIVE 8 concert, she says to herself as she buys a Duran Duran CD that they reissued just for this event. The money all goes to fight poverty or something right?

Who are these thinly veiled capital ventures benefiting anyway? LIVE 8 was organized to "bring awareness" to Africa's poverty. What about all the money that was spent on all the artist's merchandise. Oh, that? That went to line their pockets, reconstitute lagging record sales and dying careers. I wonder if our hero really thought that her "FREE TIBET" sticker really did any good. Does our hero think her Duran Duran CD bought even one bowl of rice for someone in Africa? The "Awareness" that I acquired during LIVE 8 is the realization that there are suckers out there who can't see past the nose on their face. So, in honor of you, to stick up my nose at all you pseudo-do-gooders, I made my own sticker. And guess what? It will raise just as much "awareness" in it's sick ironic message.


What good does "Awareness" do without action? Anyone, as you can see above, can bring awareness to an issue. What has happened here is that the world was duped by a money making scheme with a charity title.


Mike said...

Is Tibet even a real place??

Eric said...

I met a man once who worked at a Denny's who said he was from Tibet.