Thursday, July 14, 2005

Today's Invention

Today's invention is a new technique for speech writers, public speakers, and writers of all kinds. The technique involves weaving an underlying thread of meaning throughout the speech or public address as a matter of keeping people's interest. For example a writer could fit in quotes from Beatles songs. An example follows in a short piece on improving your golf swing:

"How important are your wrists in your golf swing? Have you given it much thought?
Yesterday, my troubles seemed so far away since I've developed these techniques.

I Want to Tell You some methods that have helped me. Now picture yourself in a boat on a river, With tangerine trees and marmalde skies. Ok, now that you are relaxed, take a moment and picture your golf swing. Start at the address position - to the top - through impact and on to the follow through. I test my swing with my heaviest driver which is made from Norwegian Wood. Now just isolate your wrists and even your hands to get a better visual. You know you twist so fine sometimes. Do you see how important they are in your swing? If not, let me explain briefly.

There are several roles the wrists play in your golf swing, but two that really come to mind. They are:

1. Controlling the club throughout the golf swing. That means on plane and with the proper clubface alignment.
2. Providing power through impact or the "hitting zone".

If your wrists are weak it will be very hard to accomplish these actions and you'll ball will most likely end up in the rough or in Strawberry Field Forever. This is a common scenario for junior golfers, since their strength hasn't been worked on yet. While you shouldn't be cinching up on your grip, your wrists need to be firm to control the club throughout your swing. If You've Got Trouble then , picture "setting" your club at the top. It needs to be consistently in a certain position to make a proper downswing. If your wrists are weak you will have a difficult time controlling the club due to its length and weight."

Ok, you get the point. Try something else. You could use rhthme perhaps, or include famous quotes from politicians or celebrities. This technique provides a degree of familiarity to an otherwise boring or complidated subject. It will also tune your audience to the real words and meaning you are trying to convey because they are listening now.


Mike said...

Dreams to remember are to be posted. Take it as it comes, worried man. Don't blame it on the rain but we all want to know, more than you'll ever know, what you are talking about on this post. We know it's your thing but we want answers, all or nothing worried man. Girl you know it's true that you need to come clean about what is going on in your head.
Baby don't forget my number if you just want to call me instead of posting your answer.
I'm gonna miss you if my asking breaks up our friendship.
See Ya

Eric said...

The forgotten third member of Milli Vanilli has spoken.

kelly_w said...

you remain, as you always have been, a crackhead. tell beth hi---and do you know boy or girl yet?